Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Walter Anderson ABC Block Prints

Our students got to explore the world of Walter Anderson and his block prints.  The children learned his 7 motifs, how to write letters backwards, and print making!  The children had a blast creating their own block prints and playing with the brayers!

White Printing Foam
Tempera Paint
Typing Paper
Paper Plates
Alphabet written backwards

1)     Cover the tables with newspaper and hand out smocks

2.     Show examples of Walter Anderson’s block prints

3.     Explain the Anderson's 7 motifs used in his prints

4.     Hand out white printing foam and pens

5.     Let the children “carve” their letter and picture in the foam* (A for apple)

6.     Give the children tempera paint and brayers

7.     Let them coat a thin layer of paint on the foam

8)     Hand out the typing paper and place the paper on top of the foam

9)    Use the brayers to roll over the sheet

10)  Slowly peel the paper off the foam

11) Wash the foam and use it again!

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