Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Classroom Connections Fall 2012: OHS Writing Marathon

This past fall, the Museum had a unique visit from Oxford High School English students, led by their teacher, Allison Movitz. Three busloads of students explored a variety of topics related to Mississippi, and they were inspired by Mississippi artists such as Theora Hamblett, Glennray Tutor, and Marty Vinograd within our collection. At each stop they visited in Oxford, the students had time to write reflections on their visit. The following poem is one student's response to his visit to the UM Museum.

By Martray Thompson-Murphy

The blues, the greens, the reds, and whites
Full of color and history
Full of technique and skill
Even some paintings look real.

Pictures of past events
Some that may not make sense
Big and small
Short to tall

Statues of faces
Have come from many places
I see people, I see figures
I see images that even make me giggle.

Wood to glass
It all doesn’t last
What now seen is the future
But all once came from the past.

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