Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Classroom Connections: Blair Hobbs Class Poetry

Lecturer Blair Hobbs introduced her poetry students to the UM Museum's collections and special exhibits this past spring, and the students created wonderful poetry linking visual and literary arts together. Read the students' poetry below to view the Museum's collection in a new light.

"Art Poem, Revised" by Jennifer Peterson, Inspired by Marty Vinograd's Smoke Tree #3
Poem by Mary Daniel Smith, Inspired by Alain Desvergnes' "Batesville Wood, 1965"
"Empty Sky Over Desvergnes," by Stephen Coker, inspired by Alain Desvergnes "Farmer at La Roussalie, 1952"
"A Photograph by Alain Desvergnes," by Haley Stillings, inspired by Alain Desvergnes' Photography
"Theora Hamblett's Moment" by Matthew Hernandez
Poem by Ryan Kirchner, Inspired by Alain Desvergnes' "Batesville Wood, 1965"
Poem by Alyssa Radtke, Inspired by Alain Desvergnes' "Wedding, 1968"

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