Wednesday, November 12, 2014

75 for 75: Snaggletooth Jug

This week for our 75 for 75 we are checking out this Snaggletooth Jug!

Snaggletooth Jug

This eccentric jug was made in 1995 at Peppertown Pottery in Itawamba County, MS.  When looking at the jug, it is clear that the face as a snaggletooth, as well as a strange looking face.  The potters, Titus and Euple Riley, signed this jug.

What do you think inspired the artists to create a jug with a snaggletooth?

If you were to design a jug, what kind of features would you have on it?  For example, one eye, no teeth, etc. Draw your own face jug and write five adjectives to describe your jug. 

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