Tuesday, December 16, 2014

75 for 75: Theora Hamblett’s ‘Creator’s Star and Trinity’

Many kids from all over Mississippi know about Theora Hamblett's tree paintings thanks to visits to the Museum or Traveling Trunk presentations,  but there is much more to Theora Hamblett than her famous and beloved fall tree paintings. Did you know that the University of Mississippi Museum has over 600 works that Theora Hamblett made? These include paintings, drawings, painted glass, mosaics, and more. 

Today's 75 for 75 object is Theora Hamblett's "Creator's Star and Trinity" painted glass. Hamblett donated the piece, which features a six-pointed start with 63 yellow rays radiating from a golden-red center, to the museum. The paint is between two layers of glass.

 Classroom prompt: While many of Theora Hamblett's paintings clearly depict scenes of everyday life growing up and playing in Paris, MS, this painted glass is more abstract. (Look up the word abstract!)

Write at least 4 sentences about this piece of art. First, describe what you see. Second, brainstorm ideas of what Theora could have been thinking about or meaning when she created this work of art. 

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