Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Interview with an Intern: Carla Fulgham

One of the best parts of the Museum is our team of student interns who help our programing come alive for the anyone who visits us. Interview with an Intern is our opportunity to highlight their achievements and learn a little bit more about some of the most valuable members of our Museum team!

Most museum visitors get to know our interns through education programming; however, we also have a dedicated team of behind-the-scenes interns who help our staff as well. This month, we're featuring antiquities collection intern Carla Fulgham from Oxford, MS.

Antiquities Collection Intern, Carla Fulgham
Carla Fulgham

Carla is a second year graduate student from the University of Southern Mississippi working on her Masters of Library and Information Science. She is the Museum's first non-University of Mississippi intern and has been doing excellent work helping digitize the original papers from the David M. Robinson Collection of Greco-Roman Artifacts. Besides interning at the Museum, Carla also works as a librarian at the Lafayette County and Oxford First Regional Library.

1. What’s your favorite piece in the Museum? 

It’s difficult to say which is my favorite piece at the museum. I am currently working with the Robinson collection and I’m very impressed with being able to work so closely with Antiquities artifacts. But on a more personal level I only recently discovered Theora Hamblett when I began volunteering at the museum and was moved by her Dreams and Visions series. The paintings in that series are deeply personal and reveal Hamblett’s spiritual experience in the South during a time when my ancestors were living and dreaming here too.

Theora Hamblett (1895-1977), Oil on Canvas, Gift of Theora Hamblett, 1977.12.108
Red Star and Red Trees in Circle, 1958, Theora Hamblett

What’s been your favorite project? 

I’ve really only had one ongoing project so far, but I’m certainly enjoying it! I create pdf files from original papers in the Robinson collection. Eventually I hope this will help the museum to establish provenance for some of the pieces in the collection as well as to create finding aids for the digitized papers.

3. How long have you been at the Museum and why did you want to be an intern?

I’ve been a volunteer at the museum since September 2016. Beginning in the spring I will be fulfilling a required practicum performing the same work I do now as a volunteer. The practicum is for a Master of Library and Information Science degree, as well as for a certification in Archives and Special Collections through the University of Southern Mississippi’s Library and Information Science program.

4. What’s your favorite part of being a museum intern?

My favorite part of being a museum intern is reading other people’s letters! Many of the papers in the Robinson collection are letters and other correspondence, written decades ago and fascinating to read. I also enjoy being surrounded by the museum’s beautiful collections and working with the great staff.

340-330 BCE, Apulian Red Figure Style, Manner of the Dareios Painter, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Peddle Jr.
Artifacts on display from the David M. Robinson Collection 

5. What’s the most challenging thing about being an intern?

The most challenging thing about being an intern is time management. It’s hard to be a student, a full-time worker, and an intern!

6. How has being an intern helped you in your education? 

Fulfilling a practicum at the museum will strengthen my archival skills and allow me to put them to work in a professional setting. Digitizing, describing, and organizing archival records are all aspects of the archival process that I hope I will get to know better in the coming months.

7. What is some advice you have for students?

Interning is a great way to get to know your prospective profession better. It can also be a motivator whenever you become bogged down in course work. My time at the museum has been a reminder that the skills I learn in the classroom have an exciting, real world application.

8. What are your long-term goals? 

 My long-term goal is to complete my Master of Library and Information Science degree as well as a Certificate of Archives and Special Collections. Eventually, I want to acquire a second master’s degree in Archeology or in another subject related to special collections. I hope to someday work as a museum archivist or in an academic special collections.

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