Friday, October 21, 2016

Museum Happenings: Family Activity Day Photos!

This past Saturday, October 15th, we had our first Family Activity Day of the semester. We partnered with Michelle Obama's Let's Move Initiative and integrated our art activities with health and wellness. Our FAD also coincided with Rowan Oak's public archaeology day, so our activities also had an archaeology component as well. Children had the opportunity to examine an Ancient Egyptian dig site, spelunk through underwater caves, and walk through the ruins of Olynthus, all the while competing tasks in search of the ultimate treasure!

Despite rain on Friday, our staff and community partners were ready to begin welcoming families at 10am. We had over 200 participants attend this month's Family Activity Day, and look forward to welcoming them and other families to our Santa's Workshop Family Activity Day in December.

Again, a tremendous thank you to our community partners, Baptist Memorial of North Mississippi, CUB Lab, Lafayette County Literacy Council, More than a Meal, and the Oxford Community Market, as well as all the other volunteers who helped make this month's FAD a success!

Bubbles are a popular attraction at sign in!
Students create beautiful pictures for our chalk walk gallery!
Set blasters to paint! Participants practice their color mixing by using water guns to shoot primary colors onto the sheets!
Ms. Emily tells students how to find their first clue at the Egyptian dig site!
Kids love posing with Harold, our new education mascot!
An group of intrepid explorers set off down the trail on a journey to find the ultimate treasure!
At the Monster Mash-up station, children created their own mythological creatures. What animal parts make up this crazy critter? 
Participants complete an obstacle course on their way to the CrĂ¡neo del Oro and the underwater caves!
Families and friends make their way down the trail together! 
Exploring can be hard; this participant takes a moment to boop a balloon! 
"This way to the treasure!"
The Ruins of Olynthus greet guests on their final step to opening the ultimate treasure chest!

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