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Try it Out! Calder Mobiles and Paintings

Look at this cool lithograph from Alexander Calder that we have in our collection! 

Alexander Calder, Sandy to his friends, is an American painter and sculpture artist famous for his mobile sculptures and bold, geometric paintings. Born in 1898 in Pennsylvania, he was friends with famous artists and writers like Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, and Marcel Duchamp! In today's Try it Out, we'll be making our own mobiles and paintings inspired by Calder's unique style!

Calder-Inspired Mobiles

Calder invented his delicately balanced sculptures because he wanted to draw in the air. As Marchel Duchamp watched them transform and move with the wind, he said Calder should call them mobiles. 

When Calder started creating his mobiles, he made a whole circus and invited famous friends like Pablo Picasso to come watch performances. After you hang your mobile, head to a public library and find Sandy's Circus: A Story about Alexander Calder by Tanya Lee Stone to learn more about Sandy's…

Try It Out: Lekythos

Look at this interesting piece of pottery that we have in our David M. Robinson Collection of Greek and Roman art! What do you think they are? What do you think they could have been used for? What images do you see depicted on the surface?

These are called lekythoi (one = lekythos). Typically, the small vases were used to hold oil or perfumes and were frequently found in baths and gymnasiums. They were used often and were decorated to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Many were either all-black or decorated with red figures. The ones displayed above, however, are decorated with fine line drawings and are all-white, a style most commonly associated with funerary offerings!

Required Materials:

Air dry Clay (red will look the most authentic)
Black Paint
Paint brush

Optional Materials:

Paper plate with All-purpose flour
Wax Paper
Water and bowl
Clay tools or toothpicks

Estimated Time: 25 hrs, 30 minutes sculpting, 30 minutes painting, 24 hours to dry
Rub your hands in the flour so they don&#…

Monday Museum Mystery: Where is This Winter Wonderland?

Winter is here and so is our first Monday Museum Mystery of December! The temperature is down and the snow is starting to pile up all around the country! As the little ice crystals descend, they cover everything and turn the world into an icy paradise.

Do you like the cold? What would you do if you had a Snow Day from school? Where do you think this winter wonderland is?

Don't worry, we won't give you the cold shoulder! Come back next Monday, December 12th when we reveal the answer to today's Monday Museum Mystery!