Egyptian Soap Carving

 Virtual Open Studio

Welcome to this week's Virtual Open Studio! This week, we will be focusing on ancient Egypt. The first Egyptians were nomads (wanderers) who settled by the Nile River. The Nile River provided a source for crops and life in an area largely surrounded by deserts. The Egyptians were known for many unique historical developments such as pyramids and tombs. 

Cats were revered in the culture of Ancient Egypt as being very important creatures. Some very important cats were even mummified in the same was as pharaohs were. Scarabs were tokens shaped like a bug with engravings that were supposed to ward off evil spirits or protect the owner from harm! The Egyptians also developed a written language, known as hieroglyphics, in which over 700 symbols were used to express ideas. These symbols were carved into pyramids to tombs. 

Today, we will be making our very own scarab! Check out the full demo video below!


-Bar of Soap
-Carving Tool (plastic utensil, stylus)
-Brown washable paint
-A Paintbrush

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