Wednesday, July 25, 2012

3D Wire Sculptures

We did these Wire Sculptures for the first time with our 3D Camp this summer, and they were a hit.  The students in this camp were a little older: middle- and high-school aged.

Wire – plain and colored
Illustration board/Matte board

(Yes, it’s really that simple – only two materials!)

1. Start out with some gesture drawings to illustrate movement.  We put on music and had someone in the camp dance around until a “freeze!” moment, and the other students in the class had to illustrate that person in their frozen position in 45 seconds.  (It is a fun way to wake everyone up in the afternoon!)

2. Choose one of the drawings to model the sculpture out of and create a base with the silver wire.

3.  Wrap the colored wire around the silver wire base to add detail and color.

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