Monday, July 23, 2012

Angry Bird Clay Sculptures

So here is a project we did today in our All About Art Summer Camp!  It is good for any age between 3-12 (but honestly, our college-age counselors loved doing this project for themselves too!).

Air Dry Clay (white)
Tempera Paint
Paper plates
Water cups
Googley Eyes
Elmer’s Glue
Black, Orange, or Brown Pipe Cleaners

1. Starting with a tennis ball-sized ball of clay, roll until smooth.

2. Pinch a beak out with two fingers from one side.  It can be a short or long as wanted!

3. (Optional) shape the clay to have a triangular top.

4.  Using pipe cleaners, bend into foot-like shape and press into the bottom of the clay.

5. Next, press feathers in the back for the bird’s tail (3-4 feathers is fine!).

6.  Allow the bird to dry fully – about two days.

7.  Once the bird is dry, paint the bird with Tempera paint.

8.  Glue on googley eyes!

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