Monday, August 13, 2012

Chinese Shadow Puppets

During our Chinese Art Summer Camp, our campers discovered the art of Shadow Puppets.  They were able to choose between the famous Monkey King, a fierce dragon, Chinese Princess, or Chinese soldier.  The children enjoyed painting and playing with their shadow puppets!

Shadow Puppet Templates on White Card stock
Watercolor palettes
Water cups
Hole Punch
Googly Eyes*

*We added googly eyes to the dragon shadow puppets
Note: Templates can be found here or here

1) Pass out the shadow puppet templates and scissors

2) Have the students cut out their shadow puppets

3) Pass out the watercolor, paintbrushes, and water cups.

4) Have the students paint their shadow puppets with bright, vibrant colors

5) After the paint dries, punch holes in the joints and fasten the parts with a brad.

6) Hand out two straws per child and tape the straws to the joints.  These will act as handles to control the shadow puppet.

7) Enjoy your shadow puppet!  

*If you did a dragon shadow puppet, glue a googly eye with Elmer's glue


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