Friday, August 17, 2012

Gyotaku Japanese Fish Printing Ocean Scene

This fun printing art project allows the kids to print, get messy, use soft pastels, and create their own ocean scenery!  This project is similar to the Gyotaku Japanese Fish Printing that we did in Summer Camp, but with a few more added steps.

Rubber Fish
Black Chromocryl Paint
Rice Paper
Copy Paper
Styrofoam Plates
Sponge Brushes
Blue Construction Paper
Glue sticks
Soft Pastels
Tissue Paper

1) Hand out styrofoam plates of black chromocryl paint, rubber fishes, sponge brushes, and copy paper.

2) Let the children lightly coat the fish with paint, but make sure to get all the details! (i.e. fins, scales)

3) Let them practice with copy paper: put the copy paper on top of the fish and press down on the paper so that the details of the fish show.

4) After they practice, pass out the rice paper.

5) Lightly coat the fish with paint and then print on the rice paper.

6) Put the prints to the side and allow them to dry.

7) Hand out blue construction paper, tissue paper, glue sticks, and scissors.

8) Have the children starting cutting the tissue paper to create their ocean scenery (seaweed, coral, starfish, oysters, etc.)

9) When the prints are dried, cut out the fish and glue it on the construction paper.

10) Glue the rest of the scenery around the fish.

11) Use the soft pastels to color the ocean and fish and add details.

*If you have time constraints, have the fish prints pre-done.

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