Friday, August 10, 2012

Mose Tolliver Folk Art

We did this fun art project with our toddler summer camp.  These little ones learned about the Folk Artist, Mose Tolliver, and replicate his famous watermelon painting.  The kids had fun going through the gallery, learning how to layer paint, and painting their own watermelon!

Plexiglass (with one side sanded)
Washable paint (Green, Red, Black, and Purple)
Water cups
Small paper plates
Paper towels

*This project can also be done on cardboard instead of plexiglass. 

1) Show the children examples of Mose Tolliver's paintings.  Point out how the simplicity of his paintings.  The background and border is one color.

2) Hand out the plexiglass/cardboard, paint, paintbrushes, water cups, and paper towels to each child

3) Tell the children to paint a thin layer of green paint on the sanded side of the plexiglass.

4) Then take more green paint and draw a big smile for the rind of the watermelon.

5) After it dries, take the purple paint and make a border.  The children can also paint the red part of the watermelon.

6) Wait a little bit for the paint to dry.  Then take the end of the paintbrush and dip it in black paint.  Take the end and make the seeds of the watermelon.

7) Have the children sign their initials on the bottom of their new masterpiece!

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