Monday, September 17, 2012

Folk Art Self Portraits

During our Summer Art Camp, our campers got to paint their own Folk Art Self Portraits!  Even though this project was quite time consuming, the kids enjoyed every minute of it!  The teachers loved watching their imaginations stir crazy with blue skin and green hair or glittery necklaces and matching earrings.  At the end, all of the campers' projects looked amazing!

Piece of plywood or masonite (already gesso)
Small and large paintbrushes
Tempera Paint (various colors)
Styrofoam plates
Puffy Paint
Water cups
Paper Towels

*If you are under time constraints, hairdryers can make the drying time go by faster!

1) Pass out wood, paintbrushes, water cups, and paper towels

2) Like the Mose Tolliver paintings, the background and border are one color.  Have each child pick two paint colors.

3) Have each child paint the entire "canvas" one color.

4) After the background dries, use the other color to paint the border.

5) While the border is drying, have the children pick their paint for their skin color and hair color.

6) Discuss the various face shapes (oval, circle, long, etc.) and let the children figure out what shape their face is.

7) Have the children paint their face shape.  Tell the children not to worry about painting facial features (eyes, lips, etc.), just paint their face shape.

8) After the paint dries, the children paint their hair next.

9) Pass out puffy paint.

10) After the paint is dried, have the children puffy paint their facial features (eyes, lips, nose, etc.)  They can also puffy paint an accessory (earrings, necklace, hat, headphones, headband, bow, etc.)

11) Have the children sign their initials or their name on the bottom.

12) Let the puffy paint dry and marvel at your new Folk Art masterpiece!

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