Friday, November 11, 2016

Try it Out! Theora Tree Assemblages

On Monday, we combined the works of Jason Twiggy Lott with Theora Hamblett to create some eerie tree assemblages! Today's Try It Out will show you how you can make your very own spooky tree at home.



8x10 Cardboard or wood board
Black and Blue Washable paint


Random Stuff (Keys, scrap paper, scrap cloth, wood, recyclables, etc.)
Glue dots or hot glue 
Other Washable Paints
Water and Bowl
Paper Towels

Estimated Time: 30 min to 1 hour

First, paint your cardboard or wood canvas all blue.

Second, while the blue paint is still wet, add a few dots of black on one side. Use your brush to make the colors look like the sky is slowly fading into night.

Third, set you board aside to dry. Play with your random stuff and plan out how you might want your tree to look. If you need some inspiration, go over to our Virtual Gallery to see what our other participants have created!

Fourth, use glue dots or hot glue to adhere your random stuff to the dry background.

Fifth, use other washable paints to add fine details and different colors to your spooky tree. Remember to use the water and paper towels to clean you're brush as you move between colors. Maybe add an owl like Ms. Theora or any other creepy things you can think of!

That is one spooky tree! Once everything is dry, hang it up, take a picture, add us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email us to share your cool, eerie trees with us. Who knows, maybe we'll feature YOU on our Education Blog next!

Check back this Monday, November 14th for a new Monday Museum Mystery

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