Monday, January 16, 2017

MMM Revealed! Happy 200th Birthday, Mississippi!

That's right, Mississippi turns 200 years-old this December! 

For all of 2017 our Monday Museum Mysteries will be related to Mississippi history and artists! We'll share rarely seen pieces from our collection as well as share facts and links related to Mississippi's bicentennial! We hope you enjoy discovering more about our beautiful, complicated state and look forward to your participation in 2017. 

Unlike other MMM Reveals, we can't tell you what was in every picture in the last post because some will show up in later Monday Museum Mysteries this year! Be on the look out and we look forward to celebrating Mississippi's 200th Birthday with everyone this year! 

7 Things that Happened in 1817

March 3, 1817, Mississippi Territory split into the Mississippi and Alabama Territory
March 4, 1817, James Monroe succeeded John Adams as President of United States
April 15, 1817, The American School for the Deaf opens in Hartford, Conneticut
July 4, 1817, Construction on the Erie Canal begins in Rome, New York
July 12, 1817, Benjamin Russell coins the phrase "Era of Good Feelings" to describe James Monroe's presidency and reflects America's sense of purpose to remain united in the aftermath of the War of 1812
November 20, 1817, The First Seminole War in Florida Starts
December 10, 1817, Mississippi becomes a state 

Want to learn more about Mississippi History? Check out this cool timeline created by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History! 

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