Thursday, January 12, 2017

Try it Out: Marty Vinograd Powerhouse Collage

Marty Vinograd (b. 19-- d. 2014) became famous after members of the Israeli National Bank saw her portrait of Golda Meir in a student exhibition. The bankers were so impressed that they commissioned her to create portraits of all the Israeli Prime Ministers to hang in their boardrooms.

Best known for her collages, she used her early experience with quilts to help guide her in putting together materials in inventive ways. "The Powerhouse," is a fabric collage of a famous Oxford landmark with the same name that has since been converted into an event space. It is also home to one of our favorite partners, the Yoknapatawfa Arts Council!

Marty Vinograd Powerhouse Collage


Black and white print out of a favorite landmark
Coloring utensils (pictured, oil pastels, permanent marker, colored pencils)
Collage materials (buttons, scrap paper, yarn, etc.) 

Estimated time: 20-40 minutes

1. Find an image of your favorite landmark and print it out in black and white. We chose the Oxford Courthouse that's in the middle of Oxford, Mississippi's famous Square. 

2. Color the image using whatever coloring utensils you have. For our picture, we used oil pastels on the courthouse, permanent markers on the trees, and colored pencils for the sky.

In real life, the courthouse is completely white, so let your imagination run wild! Color the Eiffel Tower in green and pink polka dots or give Mount Rushmore crazy hair colors. Imagine what George Washington would look like with purple hair!
3. Once you've finished coloring your landmark, use scissors and glue to cut out and place different collage materials. We added jewels and googly eyes just for fun and used yarn to add some color to the flowers. Once it's dry, hang it somewhere to see! 

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