Monday, February 13, 2017

MMM Revealed! Seymour Lawrence

MMM Revealed! Happy Belated Birthday, Seymour Lawrence! 

Seymour Lawrence believed in JP Donleavy's work so much, that he was basically fired from The Atlantic after fighting for them to publish "The Singular Man". Doubting his independent publishing company after a rocky start, JP Donleavy showed Lawrence his appreciation and support when he said "All you need to be a publisher is one room, one desk, one phone and one author. I'll be that author" 

Seymour Lawrence moved to Oxford, MS after he visited Barry Hannah and fell in love with the town. The University of Mississippi Grisham Writer-in-Residence now lives in his old house near Rowan Oak. Seymour Lawrence's Collection of Contemporary American Art is on permanent display, so come and visit us to see the rest of the collection today!

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