Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Museum Mystery: Who Published this Artist and Author?

Irish-American author JP Donleavy originally wanted to be an artist. After serving in the US Navy he attended Trinity College in Dublin and began showing his work around Ireland. After three successful shows, he attempted to break into the London art scene, but changed his mind after he was rejected for not being famous enough!

Untitled (Snake) 1989
JP Donleavy, b. 1926

He believed no one could "hold off" or prevent other people from seeing his writing, but unfortunately, his first book was banned in the United States until the unedited version was published by this man in 1965. Besides being Donleavy's friend, our curators believe this publisher might have been impressed with Donleavy's versatility and perseverance, leading him to buy Donleavy's drawings.

Cemetery Under Crescent Moon
JP Donleavy, b. 1926

Do you know who this publisher might be? How would you react if you were in a situation like Mr. Donleavy? What are some good strategies for overcoming challenges?

Top: Untitled (Blue Crow)
Bottom: Untitled (Blue Animal)
JP Donleavy, b. 1926

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