Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Museum TAKEOVER: Which Mississippi Educator Authored "the first truly historical black novel"?

Hello! I'm the Library Sloth and I'm taking over the Museum! Well, not the whole Museum, just the Museum Education blog! 

Like the Museum said last week, Archives and Special Collections has been working very hard to commemorate Mississippi's 200th Birthday! We saw your Monday Museum Mysteries and knew we couldn't let you have all the fun! 

Once a month in 2017, I'll be taking over the Museum's Education Blog to share things from our collection! Hopefully you'll get to see even more cool stuff and come visit me at JD Williams Library! 

For our first takeover, we're celebrating Black History Month! While most famous for her poetry and academic work at Jackson State University, this Mississippi author wrote in a number of different mediums: poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.

These are some of the books this author published in the course of her life, any clue who she might be? 

Can you think of other Mississippi authors, who wrote across different mediums (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, etc)? Head over to JD Williams or the Oxford-Lafayette First Regional Public Library and ask a librarian who their favorite Mississippi author is and if they can recommend any more good books for Black History Month! 

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