Thursday, February 16, 2017

Museum Happenings: Library Sloth Comes for a Visit!

Look who we found hanging around the Museum! 

This the Library Sloth; he lives in Archives and Special Collections and said he wanted to come visit US because of the work we're doing related to Mississippi's Bicentennial! He told us Archives and Special Collections have also been hard at work commemorating our state's 200th Birthday and wanted us to share what they've been up to!

Mississippi: 200 Years of Statehood is on display through December 11, 2017 at in the Faulkner Room at JD Williams Library. The exhibit features a wide array of items including 18th century maps, historical textbooks, territorial documents, women's suffrage and civil rights memorabilia! Open 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday (except for University holidays) this exhibit is a can't miss! 
Did you know it takes 6 to 8 MONTHS for Archives and Special Collections to develop their exhibits? Be sure to stop by and see all their hard work!
Archives and Special Collections has also partnered with University Communications to produce monthly videos related to objects in the exhibit. Their first video with Blues Curator Greg Johnson about Southern folklore and expressions will leave you happier than a opossum eating a sweet tater! 

Finally, even after this bicentennial celebration, you can keep getting fascinating updates about Mississippi History and Special Collections by following them on Facebook and their library blogs. Two of our favorites are This Week in Mississippi History and the Blues: From the Archive! We'll try to keep you updated on some of the other things going on with this wonderful partner in our monthly Museum Happenings

It took the Library Sloth a while to get all the way out here, but he brought us a gift that he said he'll share with us later. What a considerate sloth! Check back Monday to see what he brought us! 

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