Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday Museum Mystery: Who is this Famous Mississippi Impressionist?

This famous Mississippi impressionist is from Holly Springs, Mississippi. When she was old enough to attend finishing school, her mother moved with her to New York, where this person distinguished herself in art. She lived in New York until 1922, when she packed up all her artwork into a warehouse and moved back to Holly Springs. No one in town realized how serious she was about painting until after her death in 1957 when the shipment of over 1000 paintings arrived on the doorstep of the Bank of Holly Springs. Do you know who this painter is? 

Impressionists painted in a style known as "en plein air," or, in open air. They painted outdoors and tried to capture the fleetingness of light.

Flowers are considered some of the hardest subjects to paint, and even this impressionist's teacher said he could not paint them correctly! 

Many of the 1000 works have been damaged over their 120 years of existence. Now, the gallery that owns most of this impressionist's works and private collectors are working on having them restored. 

Although this person was a Mississippi artist, she supposedly only ever painted two pictures of Mississippi! This is one of a field hand working in a grove. 

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