Monday, June 5, 2017

What Kiln Fired This Pottery?

Monday Museum Mysteries are BACK! In this biweekly feature, we unlock the vault and share hidden treasures from our collection. Using the clues in this post, comment below with what you think the answer is. Then, come back next week when we reveal the answer and learn even more about the object! 

In honor of summer, we're going to celebrate by going to the beach! Monday Museum Mysteries for the month of June will feature artists and artwork from the Mississippi Gulf Coast! 

Look at the pottery set below, do you know what kiln fired it? This pottery is world renowned and has been a part of the Gulf Coast's artistic legacy since 1928. Pottery thrown on a wheel is created using clay sourced from naturally occurring Mississippi and Alabama deposits. Every November, the city where this pottery is located throws an arts festival in honor of the kiln's founder. In 2016 it attracted over 150,000 visitors and 400 vendors! What kiln could have fired this magnificent pottery?  

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