Vinograd Fall Trees

 Virtual Open Studio

Marty Vinograd inspired Fall Trees!

Today, we are going to learn about an artist with deep connections to our community and museum, Marty Vinograd! Marty entered the art world through quilt making. Working in this manner, she was able to 'paint' without paint. She applied the same principles of quilting, piecing an assortment of scraps and materials together, to her mixed media collages, including a number of unique portraits.

The artistic challenge she faced was visualizing the likeness of her subject in her mind's eye using string, feather, yarn, thread and snips of fabric, paper, leather, beads and any other material that would come in reach of her imagination.

Check out the video below to see Marty Vinograd's trees in our Seymour Lawrence Collection of American Art. What materials do you see? How is each tree different? Vinograd used gold, copper, and silver leaf to create this series.


- Black cardstock or construction paper
- Oil pastels or crayons
- Collage materials (tissue papers, foils, sequins, fabrics...)
- Glue
- Scissors

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