Theora 'Glass' Painting

 Virtual Open Studio

Theora Hamblett, born is Paris, Mississippi, is a self-taught American folk artist who did not begin her painting career until she was 55 years old! We all know Theora for her bright paintings of everyday life in Mississippi, but especially her trees! Her tree painting technique is very unique and almost pointillist in nature. It involves individually painting each leaf in multiple layers to create an explosion of color that immediately draws the eye. Hamblett is so well known for her oil paintings that many do not know: she also wanted to be a stained glass artist! Check out The Ascension, 1958 in our new Southern Folk Art Exhibit, Remaking Tradition. Hamblett painted onto the glass with oil paint.

In today's Vritual Open Studio, we are going to experiment with painting on a unique surface, unlike a traditional canvas!

Watch Below!

- A clear plastic plate
- Tissue paper
- Glue
- Paintbrush
- Paint
- Water

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