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At the University of Mississippi Museum, our staff aims to bring the Museum’s diverse collections to life for audiences of all ages. We are fortunate to serve both the students of the University of Mississippi and larger communities of North Mississippi. Each year our educational programs reach over 10,000 participants on and off-site through a wide range of programs. Our team believes that museum learning can happen as early as infancy, and we aim to deliver quality programming that enriches the lives of the many families and children we serve.

The UM Museum is fortunate to have extensive and distinguished collections including but not limited to the David Robinson Collection of Greek and Roman Artifacts, the Millington-Barnard Collection of 19th Century Scientific Instruments, the Seymour Lawrence Collection of American Art, and significant collections of Theora Hamblett and other regional artists. To view more of our collections and learn about the museum’s history, tours, and programs, visit museum.olemiss.edu or click through the side panel of educational offerings.

In our commitment to education beyond the physical walls of the Museum, our education team has developed this blog as a resource for parents, teachers, and lifelong learners to promote a deeper level of engagement with the collections and to showcase how object-based learning can supplement and enrich classroom practice.  

Please subscribe to this blog to receive regular post updates, and if you would like to be added the Museum’s email list, book a tour or traveling trunk, or learn more about an upcoming program, contact Emily McCauley, Curator of Education, at esdean@olemiss.edu or 662-915-7073.

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