Friday, July 20, 2012

Gyotaku Japanese Fish Printing

This is a project we like to do with our older kids, ranging from ages 5-12.  Any age enjoys this fun project!

Paint (Chromacryl or regular Acrylic recommended)
Sponge brushes
Small canvas bags
Newspaper for tables

1. Coat the rubber fish with an even layer of paint, making sure to get the paint into the detailed areas, such as scales, and on to the fins.

2. When the fish is covered, gently place the bag on top of the fish. 

3. Press firmly on the bag against the fish, paying attention to fins, so that the details of the fish will print onto the canvas.

4.  Lift bag slowly off the fish and allow the bag to dry.

Note: we recommend having the children print on a piece of paper before the bag in order to practice.  The print will smear more on the paper, but it gives the children an understanding of the process.

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