Monday, August 6, 2012

African Masks

This summer, our preschool camp kids traveled to Africa, and absolutely loved making these African masks!  This project takes a little bit of prep, but was worth the effort.

Paper Plates (Pre cut eyes and mouth and punch four holes on the bottom)
Various colors of yarn
Bright Construction paper cut into various shapes and sizes
Glue Sticks

1) Prep all materials: pre cut eyes and mouth and punch four holes, cut yarn, and cut construction paper

2)  Show them pictures or replicas of African masks

3) Pass out the paper plates and glue sticks.

4) Hold up the different shapes and ask the children to identify the various shapes and colors

5) Give the children a handful of the shapes, and let the children glue on the shapes on the masks.

6) When finish, let them pick four pieces of yarn, and tie to the bottom on the masks.

7) Punch holes on the sides and tie yarn, so the children can wear their masks!

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  1. You made a great point here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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