Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aztec Calendar Stone

Our Summer Camp kids had a blast making these Aztec Calendar Stones!  The kids were able to carve, print, and paint all in one project! This project was done during our All About Art Week.


Brown Craft Paper cut into circles
Ballpoint Pens
Brown and Black Washable Paint
Gold Acrylic Paint
Small Styrofoam plates
Water cups

1)  Precut the brown craft paper into large circles

2) Hand each child a circle and tell them to crinkle the paper

3) Unravel and recrinkle the paper

4) Put the paper off to the side and hand out the print foam and pens

5) Carve the Sun God in the print foam

6) Cut out the Sun God out of the print foam

7) Lightly paint the foam with either brown or black washable paint

8) Print the foam in the middle of the brown craft paper circle

9) Paint designs around the circle using brown, black, and gold paint

10) Let dry

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