Friday, August 3, 2012

Goldfish Sun Catcher

This colorful little goldfish sun catcher requires a bit of prep, but is definitely worth all the effort!  Our kids during Summer Camp absolutely loved making these.

Goldfish Template (white card stock)
Tissue paper
Plastic Wrap
Elmer's Glue
Small Styrofoam plates
Hole Punch

*All templates and tissue paper must be cut before the project

1) Hand out goldfish templates and markers and allow the kids color one side of the goldfish template

2) Tape a large piece of plastic wrap down on the table over the goldfish template

3) Hand out paintbrushes, plates of glue, tissue paper, and scissors.

4) Thinly paint glue on the plastic wrap within the goldfish's body

5) Lay tissue paper vertically, trimming the pieces as needed.  Encourage the kids to overlap various colors to make a vibrant color fish.

6) After the entire goldfish's body is covered, gently brush more glue on top of the tissue paper

7) Remove the template from beneath the plastic wrap and place on top of the scales.  Add glue around the edges.

8) Let the sun catcher dry then trim the excess tissue paper and plastic wrap.

9) Hole punch the top fin and thread a piece of yarn to hang up your new vibrant goldfish sun catcher!

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