Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Puffy Paint Bugs

These Puffy Paint Bugs are too fun for the kids!  They love getting to use Puffy Paint, and they also love having the opportunity to create their own bugs.  We did this project in conjunction with our Nature and Science camp.

Paper plates
Puffy paint
Elmer's Glue
Googly Eyes

1) First, draw a bug on the paper plate, making it as large as possible, with the legs extending all the way out to the edges.  Be imaginative!  Draw a butterfly, an ant, a spider, a ladybug – whatever you want!

2) Cut the bug out with the scissors.

3) Color the bug in with Markers.  Encourage adding designs!

4) Use Puffy Paint to add detail and trace lines to make your bug really cool!

5) Glue two googly eyes on your bug.

6) Allow to dry completely.

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