Friday, October 7, 2016

Try it Out! William Eggleston and Randy Hayes Mash-up

For last week's Milkshake Mash-up, we mashed up the works of William Eggleston and Randy Hayes. We created a photo collage using images from our newest exhibit, The Beautiful Mysterious: The Extraordinary Gaze of William Eggleston, and then painted pictures on top using watercolors.

Follow the steps below and you'll be on your way to making your own mashed up masterpiece!


Printed images
Card Stock (or other heavy paper)
Painters Tape (optional)

Estimated Time: 30 Minutes to 1.5 hours

First, use your paintbrush to moisten the paper with acetone.

Second, lay your image ink-side down and use your popsicle stick to burnish it into the acetone. The longer you rub the photo, the more ink will be absorbed into the card stock below.

Be careful not to lift the image until you're done. You can tape down the edges of the picture so it doesn't move.

Third, slowly lift you image off the card stock. It may stick a little, so be gentle!

Fourth, once you've filled up your card stock with images, use the watercolors to paint an image on top of the photos. Want to see something magic? Drop some acetone on still-wet watercolor and watch what happens!

Fire-Thunderbird, Mr. Steven
Finally, trim any excess cardboard from your picture and show off your cool, Eggleston-Hayes mash-up!

Check out our Virtual Gallery of student work from October's Milkshake Mash-up, and be sure to come back this Monday, October 10th when we reveal this week's Monday Museum Mystery!

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